Secret Server to support theming in 4.0

16 11 2007

One of the most requested features in Secret Server is theming. I have seen several customers skin Secret Server to fit their company’s colors and logo. The only down side to that is, when Secret Server is updated, all of those nice changes were lost. A feature that we will be releasing soon is Custom Themes. It goes beyond just changing the style and images. We designed it to allow the administrator to create their own themes for Secret Server. The Administrator has the choice of allowing users to specify their own theme, or force a global theme. Here is a sample theme that we have been playing around with to prove that anything is possible!

We don’t plan on actually shipping Secret Server with this theme :-)




– Kevin

Minor Update on 11/16

13 11 2007

On November 16th we will be releasing a minor update for Secret Server. This update includes:

  • Ignoring the selected folder if the folder panel is collapsed when performing a search from the home screen.
  • Changing the import tool to allow duplicates if explicitly allowed. There will now be a checkbox called “Ignore Duplicates” that allows you to import secrets even if a secret with the same name already exists.
  • Some Active Directory Synchronization fixes. Recently a bug was discovered that may solve a large portion of the remaining active directory synchronization issues. As some may know, there have been some issues with Active Directory that we have been identifying and fixing. The particular issue we will we resolving is where some of the usernames contain certain characters, such as a comma or a backslash. Unfortunately, our development platform, the .NET Framework 1.1, has somewhat limited LDAP support. So the data that the Active Directory server returns to us is “raw”. In this case, we need to parse and handle this data properly. The second issue we are resolving is in the case that the Active Directory query returns more than 1500 results it only returns the top 1500 results.

This update does not include the migration to the .NET 2.0 Framework. This minor update will still be using the current version of the framework.

– Kevin


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