Secret Server 4.1 coming – visual keyboard

24 02 2008

Here is a new feature coming in Secret Server 4.1 – it is the visual keyboard and is a configurable option for the login screen. 


It is designed to thwart malware such as keyloggers which could be running on a public computer and could capture your password if you entered it using the keyboard.  The visual keyboard uses a different random alternate character set each time it is loaded – this means that when you click "a" it may type "3" in the password textbox – the garbled password is reconstituted on the server side when you login.  By using a garbled password then the HTTP POST back to the server if even further protected (and should be protected again by using SSL on your Secret Server installation).

Look for more sneak peeks soon as we approach the release date for Secret Server 4.1 which will be 3/14/2008 – specifically there will screenshots of the new role-based security and the launcher (launch Remote Desktop from Secret Server!).




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