Secret Server on the Treo 700

19 04 2008


Secret Server has supported a "Mobile Edition" for over a year now but it is always tricky making sure that it works correctly on all devices.

Our approach was to bake mobile support into the base product (ASP.NET based) so it simply scales down to the capability of the device.  That sounds simple but unfortunately it depends on making sure that functionality will work with all the limitations of various devices.

My own favorite BlackBerry 8820 does a reasonable job of helping me get to the password I need in emergencies but it is hardly a pleasant browsing experience.  In fairness, no browsing on the device is particularly pleasant since it is slow, struggles with most layouts and has a small screen.  That said, I love it dearly and browsing has never been a core requirement for me since email, contacts and calendar are definitely my most essential.

Today we had a customer ask about the Treo 700 so I tried out the emulator from the Palm website.  It seems to work fine with Secret Server and I was able to browse around and access passwords.


Secret Server at FOSE 2008

3 04 2008

100_0441This year Secret Server made its debut at FOSE, one of the leading government technology events in the nation.   The show is being held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center which is situated only a few minutes away from our offices in downtown D.C.

Despite there being several hundred kiosks and lectures, Secret Server appears to be one of the few software products featured.  Many of the exhibitions are displaying hardware and energy saving innovations.  I think a lot of people have been pleasantly surprised to see a solution for password management.

Over the last couple of days, I and some of the other team members got a chance to interact with attendees and demonstrate some of the core functionality of Secret Server.  We have received a lot of enthusiasm and great feedback on the product thus far.


Today is the final day for FOSE. Come visit us at booth #100 located in the Security section.  Hope to see you there!





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