Why does Secret Server take so long to start up?

18 05 2008

One of the things that we did notice with Secret Server is that it does take what seems to be a long time for Secret Server to start up for the first time. This started happening in Secret Server 4.0. So, what exactly is going on?

Secret Server does some startup tasks for the first time. Namely, it starts up some background monitoring tasks for synchronizing Active Directory and the Remote Password changing features. There is one more though that takes up most of the time, and that is verifying all of the Strong Name signatures.

First, what is a Strong Name? When we release Secret Server, we send out all of the DLLs with a digital signature on all of the assemblies. Secret Server has multiple DLLs that talk to each other. Now, what’s stopping someone with access to the server from dropping in a fake DLL that looks like ours, but it is also secretly emailing out information? Step in strong names. When the .NET Framework loads all of the assemblies for a particular application, it ensure that all of the assemblies have the strong name key that was used when it was compiled. If the Strong Name keys don’t match, then the .NET Framework won’t accept it. Since only Thycotic has the key, it cannot be faked.

This is a somewhat lengthy process for the .NET Framework, as it will also have to calculate checksums of the entire assembly as well. Not to mention that this entire process occurs for all 14 of the assemblies in Secret Server.

– Kevin



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