Sneak Peek – Secret Server 5.0 and Searching Fields

6 07 2008

Secret Server 5.0 is currently under development, and one of the features that we know for sure that will be in 5.0 is searching Secret Fields. This has been a popular request. We had several obstacles to achieve this, and we have implemented a solution that is secure but effective.

screenshotThe search works by Secret Server creating an index catalog for search terms for each and every secret. This runs as a background process. Secret Server will then start indexing all existing Secrets in your installation, and maintain indexes for secrets as they are changed.

The indexing service allows two different modes of indexing. The standard mode, which allows you to search on whole words. The Extended Indexing option allows searching on part of a word with a precision of 3 characters. For example, "sec" would make a field with the value of "Secret", as would "secre".

Stay tuned for more features coming in Secret Server 5.0!

– Kevin



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