Launching Batch Files in Secret Server

18 01 2013

A feature that was introduced in Secret Server 8.0 was the ability for the launcher to launch a batch script that is stored in Secret Server. This is useful when a custom launcher needs to be able to start multiple processes. For example, to create a custom launcher that starts an SSH tunnel program then starting PuTTY.

Batch Launcher

Create a Custom Launcher and upload your batch file to Secret Server and it will be encrypted and stored in your database. Secret values, including usernames and passwords, can be pulled from a Secret at launch time and passed as command line arguments to the batch file. After it runs, the batch file will be deleted from the local machine. Having your batch files launched from Secret Server adds security to your system by preventing end-users from changing batch commands and restricting the access to the files, and you get an audit trail for changes to the launcher and batch file.

Secret Server also helps with the ease of access to the batch file by having it stored in one central location instead of having to maintain batch files on each individual computer.



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