Devolution’s Remote Desktop Manager integrates with Secret Server

20 02 2013

Thycotic Software would like to thank our technology partner, Devolutions, for recently integrating their Remote Desktop Manager with Secret Server.

Remote Desktop Manager’s integration with Secret Server enables you to launch your remote access applications easily and securely without knowing the credentials. By using our publicly available Secret Server API, Remote Desktop Manager is able to retrieve Secrets with machine credentials and then launch a variety of applications like LogMeIn, pcAnywhere, TeamViewer and more. Using this combination of tools enables your users to log directly into applications without knowing the password increases your security posture. Secret Server provides full auditing information on credentials being accessed with Remote Desktop Manager, providing detailed reports on all applications launched.

Setting up Remote Desktop Manager to use Secret Server as the credential store is fast and easy. Start by creating a new Credential Store and select Secret Server from the list of credential options.


Next create a new session and select the Secret Server credential repository.


Using Remote Desktop Manager with Secret Server gives you even more flexibility and options for accessing your Secrets.



3 responses

21 02 2013

Are there any Mac-based applications that have similar integration points?

22 02 2013

The Devolutions guys seem to be hard at work on a Mac version.

Maybe they can give us an update? (I will ask)

28 02 2013

Hi, Max here from Devolutions. I just posted new screenshots and a second interview with our software architect working on the Mac edition on our blog.

Let us know what you think.


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