Sneak Preview: Secret Server Launcher for Mac

11 09 2012

The Thycotic Dev Team is hard at work with new functionality for Mac!  While I don’t have all the details, I do have a few items I can share.  Currently, we’re looking at an “end-of-Q4 2012” release date.  This date may slip, but it’s accurate for now.

Details I can share:

  • The Launcher will support Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • The underlying technology uses is a NPAPI plugin. A quick install of a plugin is all it takes to enable the launcher for Mac.
  • Will support SSH and a built-in SSH client will be used.
  • Will support Microsoft Remote Desktop provided the Mac Remote Desktop application is installed.  See Figure 1 for the screenshot of Remote Desktop.  Figure 2 shows the Launcher Helper application in Firefox.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Features due out after the initial release (available in later updates):

  • Custom Launchers will be available in a subsequent update.  Remote Desktop and SSH will be the only launchers supported initially.
  • Session Recording functionality will be available in a subsequent updates.

The Dev Team is interested in hearing your comments, please post your questions and thoughts below!

Sneak Peak: Dashboard

17 02 2011

We will soon be releasing a new user interface as a replacement for the Home page, called “Dashboard”. Dashboard is a modern approach to displaying and managing data, one best described as an “interactive console” approach. Central to the idea of a “console” is the ability to drag and drop different components on the screen. Dashboard implements a widget based system which allows fluid customization of data, reports and the functionality shown. Dashboard will be part of the next release, 7.3.

Folders are coming to the Secret Server iPhone app

6 05 2010

Here are some sneek screenshots of the new folder capabilities in the iPhone password manager app:


This will allow you to browse folders for customers, teams, servers or different parts of your organization and easily find Secrets within those folders. You are also able to search by folder, create new folders and assign Secrets to folders.


We are also working on offline caching capabilities for the next iPhone app release. Stay posted – the new version will be out before the end of May 2010!

Sneak Peek – Secret Server 5.0 and Searching Fields

6 07 2008

Secret Server 5.0 is currently under development, and one of the features that we know for sure that will be in 5.0 is searching Secret Fields. This has been a popular request. We had several obstacles to achieve this, and we have implemented a solution that is secure but effective.

screenshotThe search works by Secret Server creating an index catalog for search terms for each and every secret. This runs as a background process. Secret Server will then start indexing all existing Secrets in your installation, and maintain indexes for secrets as they are changed.

The indexing service allows two different modes of indexing. The standard mode, which allows you to search on whole words. The Extended Indexing option allows searching on part of a word with a precision of 3 characters. For example, "sec" would make a field with the value of "Secret", as would "secre".

Stay tuned for more features coming in Secret Server 5.0!

– Kevin

Secret Server 4.1 coming – visual keyboard

24 02 2008

Here is a new feature coming in Secret Server 4.1 – it is the visual keyboard and is a configurable option for the login screen. 


It is designed to thwart malware such as keyloggers which could be running on a public computer and could capture your password if you entered it using the keyboard.  The visual keyboard uses a different random alternate character set each time it is loaded – this means that when you click "a" it may type "3" in the password textbox – the garbled password is reconstituted on the server side when you login.  By using a garbled password then the HTTP POST back to the server if even further protected (and should be protected again by using SSL on your Secret Server installation).

Look for more sneak peeks soon as we approach the release date for Secret Server 4.1 which will be 3/14/2008 – specifically there will screenshots of the new role-based security and the launcher (launch Remote Desktop from Secret Server!).


Remote Desktop – peek into the future …

13 12 2007

Here is a teaser trailer showing automatic opening of Remote Desktop from a secret in Secret Server.


Watch movie (Remote Desktop from Internet Explorer)

Watch movie (Remote Desktop from Firefox)


There are some technical difficulties in getting Remote Desktop to work like this since it encrypts the password in the .rdp file in a machine/user specific way.

This feature is unlikely to be ready for the Secret Server 4.0 release but should come in an update soon after.



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